What is Reverse DNS Lookup ?

You must have heard about DNS lookup , SO DNS lookup is about resolving IP address from hostname provided . Whereas reverse dns lookup is about resolving hostname from IP .

How to Perform Reverse DNS Lookup ?

We are providing you an online solution to perform Reverse DNS Lokup . Although there are variety of ways with which you can perform reverse dns lookup in linux , Mac or Windows.

IP :

When and Why do We need Reverse DNS lookup check ?

Now that you have understood what is reverse DNS lookup . But when do we actually need reverse dns lookup . Reverse dns lookup is mostly used in cases where you are having your own mail servers .

We sometimes need to check if the IP address of my mail server is pointing to my domain properly or not .

How Reverse DNS is separate from forward DNS.

lets take an example of DNS for "mydnslookup.com" pointing to IP address "". But it does not necessarily mean that reverse DNS for same IP also points to "mydnslookup.com" .

My DNS Lookup

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